You’re the best friend I ever had.

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#Merlin #Merthur #Colin Morgan #Bradley James #My Stuff~ #Biggest dumbs to have ever dumbed. :'))) #So as I've probably mentioned several times throughout my blog over the last little while... #I've recently decided to rewatch the entirity of the Merlin series with my mother. #So that I can relive all the best Merlin and Arthur scenes and various other awesome things that the series always brings me #with it's great characters and it's amazing writing and fantastic and incredible brotherly relationships #and so that she will finally end up seeing just what makes this series so great in my opinion and what makes it my second favorite series #out of them all~! #And well We finished off the series finale the other night and through our ugly tears--my mother ended up finding a show that very easily #replaced Supernatural in terms of her favorite series ever and I ended upgetting so many intense Merlin and Arthur related feelings #that I just HAD to go and do something based around these boys and their flawless relationship or else I was going to explode to pieces. #And so I wound up pulling up The Lady of the Lake last night--since it's one of my all time favorite episodes out of the early series #and pulled up my all time favorite Merlin and Arthur moment between them--where Arthur tries his hardest to cheer Merlin up and have him #smile again--because seeing Merlin without his smile is basically outlawed in Arthur's head #and I simply created a little bit of Merthur related insanity. #First time working with anything even remotely relating to the Merlin fandom--and you know what? #The series is truly a pleasure to color and I'm acutally incredibly happy with how this turned out~ :3 #Once I get more of the DVDs I'll probably start working with GIFs as I do with Smallville--but for now I'll just stick with simple #little screenshot edits because they never really hurt anyone now did they? ;) #The way these two smile at one another oh my gosh stop that you two big dumbs. #You make me feel all the feelings and I both love it and hate it all at the same time. #Stupid precious little boys~
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